Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

  1. Why should I purchase your report? Why can't I just buy skin lightening products for my skin problem?

    The sad truth is that there is no single product out there that works to complete remove pigmentation problems. What has worked for me and for thousands of my customers is a combination regimen of home made potions and certain skin lightening creams which are further enhanced by acceleration methods. Your skin lightening regimen has to be carefully modified based on how your skin reacts so that you can achieve maximum lightening with minimum skin irritation. It is also very important to know which products are safe enough to use as there are products out there that contain mercury and/or steroids. If you have noticed minimal results with lightening products or have suffered from skin irritation or further darkening of your skin from products then the skin lightening report is for you.

  2. Can I trust you? How do I know this is not a scam?

    A lot of people have doubts about buying informational products online. While there are some scam artists out there, a vast majority of online merchants are honest. With the increase in crackdown against fraud and the increase in consumer awareness, these scamsters are having a harder time operating online. Skin Lightening Report has been in business since 2004. Payment processing on this site is handled by a third party payment processor called Clickbank, a respected online payment processor. Clickbank handles all the payment details so that merchants do not have any access to credit card information. Clickbank also process all refunds. This is done to protect you the consumer. They use 128 bit encyption to transfer your credit card information so you are protected from credit card theft. In addition, Clickbank offers a 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

  3. I am Caucasian. Will the information in the skin lightening report work for me?

    Like our website header says - we can help lighten your problem areas regardless of your original skin tone. The treatments offered will even out the skin tone on your face and/or body so that it matches the rest of you.

  4. I am male. Will the treatments in the report work for me?

    Yes. The treatments recommended work for all skin types including male skin. Men typically have thicker skin than women and may notice a slight delay in seeing results but if you persist with the treatments, even toned skin can be yours.

  5. I want to whiten my entire body so I look several shades lighter. Will your report help me?

    Our goal is to provide information on lightening abnormal areas of pigmentation. All the treatments suggested will lighten your skin as much as the lightest area on your body. To lighten your skin beyond this you will need to purchase prescription skin whiteners which destroy your pigment cells or melanocytes. This is a irreversible process and is not recommended for those with normal skin as it might lead to patchy pigmentation.

  6. Where can I buy the creams you are selling / Can I receive a sample of your cream?

    We do not sell any actual products. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer or brand of skin lightening creams. Our goal is to provide unbiased third party information to you - the consumer. There is nothing else like this available online. Most other websites on skin lightening are either owned or operated by skin lightening product manufacturers that may contain biased information. Our evaluations and recommendations are based on customer feedback over the years and will most likely work for your particular skin problem.

  7. Why don't you sell this book in stores?

    We don't sell the Skin Lightening Report in stores in order to keep costs down for you, the consumer. Books become out of date very quickly due to the dynamic nature of the content of the report. With an ebook format, it is easy to send updates to customers.

  8. Can I contact the people that have written the testimonials to ask them questions?

    A lot of customers have been happy with their results and have agreed to our posting their emails on our website as testimonials. However, they are individuals with no affiliation to our products and services and are under no obligation to us to answer emails from individuals. Once you purchase the report, you get complimentary access to the message boards where you can interact with some of them when they come online and ask them questions.

Product Questions

  1. What is the skin lightening report?

    The Skin Lightening Report is a well researched, comprehensive "How-to" guide aimed at consumers. It helps educate consumers about existing skin lightening technologies. It also provides possible solutions to a variety of commonly encountered pigment problems. It includes recipes that people can instantly use to start evening out their skin tone.

  2. What does the skin lightening report look like?

    The Skin Lightening Report is an "ebook". In other words, the Skin Lightening Report is a digital product available for download. It is compiled in PDF format and can be read if you have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer.

  3. How do I pay to receive the skin lightening report?

    All payments on this website are accepted using ClickBank, a third party payment processing service. You can pay using your credit card through a secure transaction. You can also pay using your paypal account.

  4. Do I need to install any software to view the skin lightening report?

    You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Acrobat reader is available as a free download at

    If you do not have this software installed, you will not be able to view the Skin Lightening Report.

  5. Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?

    The Skin Lightening Report comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason within 60 days of your purchase, we will refund your money back, no questions asked.

  6. Can I order a hard copy of the skin lightening report?

    We no longer offer hard copies of the skin lightening report due to production costs. Once you purchase the report you can print it out and read it like a book.