Testimonials for Skin Lightening Report

Melasma and Dark Circles Testimonials

Dr. Mohsin F from Saudi Arabia

Great Results!…I wish to thank you for the information in your report which have done significant changes to my skin. As we know, not all recipies work for everyone; I tried potion 1,2,3,4 from the skin lightening report. This worked wonders, the melasma on my forehead has almost disappeared and on rest of my face, significant reduction is visible. I would say it reduced by 90-95 %. This is great considering that its been there for 9-10 years and no benefit by Amelan, Obagi, Laser TCA+ Blue peel etc.

D Galarza from New Jersey, USA

You gave me my life back!…I stumbled onto this report last week while looking to see what new stuff was out there. Now I have SUFFERED from melasma for the last 10 years, cheeks, upper lip etc. I have tried EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING,EVERYTHING and seen about a bazillion dermatologists. My most latest incident was trying laser treatment and my melasma actually came back–darker than it was to begin with.

I subscribed to your report in the hopes of getting some new info and boy was I impressed. I’m going to see my family for the holidays and wanted to try something that would work fast, so I took your advice and tried one of the products you highly recommend and in two days, I’m not kidding you two days, my skin looked amazing. This is my 5th day using it and I can not believe the results, my skin looks better than it has looked in about 10 years. These products are really really effective. I’m so excited I want to meet and hug you cause I have wanted to jump off a cliff cause I have been so discouraged with my melasma. Especially after spending $400 on laser treatment and it not working.

Thank you, I feel like you just gave me my life back.

Maria from UAE

I am really amazed with the results and effectiveness of your suggestions…In a short period of time I could really see the big difference, the melasma on my left and right cheek already lightened infact almost gone and even the dark circles under my eyes lightened. My husband and my children, even my colleagues in the bank noticed my new skin. I don’t have to cover my melasma with concealer and foundation anymore. I am glad that I found your site. I had complete sessions of crystal peel last year (which cost me a fortune) although it helps but I wasn’t completely satisfied as my melasma just lightened a little and keeps coming back. I also tried expensive lightening products from Guerlain, Clinique, Givenchy, SkinUSA and Estee Lauder but really nothing compares on your Skin Lightening Report aside from it’s cheaper, it’s all natural and more effective.

The results is really amazing, I love looking at the mirror especially in the morning after washing my face. Thanks so much!!!!! I will religiously continue to follow your suggestions.

V Moodley fom Zambia

I had severe Melasma…I had very bad pigmentation after my second son was born and it just seemed to get worse and worse all the time. It got to point that old friends etc did not recognize me.

The results is really amazing, I love looking at the mirror especially in the morning after washing my face. Thanks so much!!!!! I will religiously continue to follow your suggestions.

Jess from Malaysia

THANK YOU so much for the skin lightening report!…I too had been for a few Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment and with no results (I would also NOT recommend anyone of yellow or dark skin going for it). In fact, i think my melasma and/or hyperpigmentation got worse. I went to see a few doctors but got very pessimistic answers. In the meantime, i found this website and was trying to get the recommended products which wasn’t easy cuz i am living in Malaysia. I tried improvising with some of the available products here but the results were not too encouraging; it works well for like one week or so and then it dries up my skin etc..etc. In the meantime, like you, i didn’t want to go out and when i do, i MUST put on makeup to hide the ugly melasma….mine was so bad i look like i had a mask on.

I am happy to report that after a long while of waiting for the products to arrive, and after using it for 3 mths now, the mask like melasma is almost gone. I have slight traces of the mark which is now only light spots. I began seeing results almost immediately – skin texture got softer. The lightening took place 2 weeks into using the product.

THANK YOU so much for this website. I almost gave up trying……i remembered getting excited again after reading your website and told myself i will give it one more try. God bless.


Post Inflammatory Pigmentation Due To Acne

Vickie F from USA

I am a more confident woman now!…I am 54 years old and a woman of color. When I started my menstrual cycle at 10 years old, I became plagued with a severe acne condition. My face, chin, arms, and back was polluted with white heads and black heads. No one told me not to pick at my face. I made it a daily regimen (morning and night). Needless to say I scarred. So bad that my cheeks and chin were much darker than my natural caramel color. I was treated with hypodermic injections, diet restrictions and regular washings with Noxema and Cuticura soap as a child.

It was not until I was in college that I discovered Nadinola soap and skin whitener. I did get some results but not a clear skin. It drove me nuts. I was afraid to wear makeup for fear of eruptions and still they came. It was not until 12 years ago that I realized that wearing foundation can protect my skin and cover imperfections. The problem with that was wearing a lot of concealer and foundation to cover the scars. The trouble with wearing so much makeup is finding it on my clothes,(especially collars of my blouses or sweaters),coming off on someone else’s clothing after giving them a hug or smearing papers at work.

Finally at 54, I discovered a method to control the acne. Now I needed something for the hyperpigmented acne scars. I was so self-conscious of my skin and felt a little jealous of those who had clear skin.

Out of desperation, I found your website. God bless you. One week after using your recommended solutions, I started to see results. In one month, my face was almost clear. After 3 months, I put foundation where I need it or I use a powder or NOTHING AT ALL. I was so excited about the results, I started using it all over my body to even out my skin tone. It is working so well, that I have been on a diet regime to lose weight and I will be able to wear a bathing suit and feel confident. I haven’t worn a bathing suit since my college days, because I hated the scarring and the dark skin behind and between my legs. I just wanted to take the time to thank you so very much for all of your hard work to discover a method that has literally saved my life.

I am a more confident woman now thanks to you. Thank you again and God Bless.

Sophie A from USA

I’ve suffered from acne since I was 11 years old…Of course it would start off with just one pimple from time to time until adolescents turned my once flawless face to a horror show. I suffered with different types of acne and back when I was a kid there wasn’t the information that is readily available now. So as I grew up in my teens I suffered from teasing and low self-esteem but when I turned 18 I decided to take myself to a dermatologist. That was the being of my roller coaster ride of treatments. I went from just over-the-counter products to antibotics to Accutane. That really got my face on the road to healing for a good two years or so. I really had flawless skin over night. I know that bad press about Accutane, but when I used it people couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful I was, even people who had never seen me pre-Accutane. But the results wore off as they said may happen to a good percentage of users. So gradually my face got bad again, not like before when I was a teen but enough that I had to find a new regimen.

So to make it short, I went back and forth between store bought products to dermatologists and in the process trying to use a product that would fade my spots. The last kind of lightener that I used from a doctor was one that contained, you know what, hydroquinone!!! I knew little about the this chemical but I loved my doctors formula along with his skin care line. I can say that I had been on hydroquinone for several years. The only thing that bothered me was the whitening because unbalanced and I would get afraid and stop using for a period time. I even used products containing it from online companies that would sell the 4% strength. I hated the fact that when I would discontinue usage, my face seemed to dramatically darken fast. So I would start using it again. I had ignored information that I would stumble across about the dangers thinking it was just hype until I really started to see abnormal discoloration that would not correct any longer. I got real scared and just stopped cold turkey about 2004.

Then I tried to go all natural but couldn’t find what made me look like myself again. My face had began to look as if I had a mask, two to three shades darker that my real color. How depressing! But has the years have shown, I never give up when it comes to self-improvement. So I searced and searched until I found you. But I was skeptical because as you know so many company provided promises that don’t deliver. But your words appealed to me and something told me that this would be it after all these years and I always feel it doesn’t hurt to investigate. So I did. I tried your wisdom and once when I thought I had permantly damaged my skin color I was saved and I look like me again. I am ever so grateful. Along with your suggestions and Acne No More, I feel slighted that I had to do so much trial and error for half of my life just to find out that going back to nature with the help of some good commercial companies, I could have felt this secure about my skin all this time. But as they say better late than never. I never will have to search again!

P.S.– I emailed you about one of your home made remedies for my problem and you made me feel better when I thought I could not reverse the damage. Thanks.

Hyperpigmentation and Dark Circles Testimonials

Seema M from Michigan, USA

Effective and Economical!…Before purchasing the skin lightening report I had several pigmentation issues. I had black knuckles and eczema on my fingers. My body was several shades darker than my face, neck, and chest. I also had uneven skin tone on my face. At the time I was reluctant to purchase your report because of my eczema. But I’m glad I decided to give it a try; it has dramatically changed my life.

With the message boards and excellent customer service I had guidance on how to deal with my skin issues. I never felt that I was alone suffering. Two years since purchasing the report I no longer suffer from eczema, but have smooth even skin. With suggestions from the SLR I noticed improvement in my skin within two weeks; nothing had ever worked as fast or effectively for me.

What I especially like about the SLR is that none of the suggestions are hamful or toxic; they are all natural and safe to use. In addition, I got recipes on how to make my own creams and lotions which are more effectivethan many over the counter products. This report even gives advice on which products work in lightening and evening out skin tone. I know the SLR was priceless when my mother-in-law and sister-in-law complimented my hands which were once unattractive with uneven pigmentation. I know enjoy wearing rings, which I never did before. I honestly don’t know where I would be without this report.

Denise R from New York

Thank you very much!…My skin is looking so good that I’m getting compliments from everyone and it’s really going back to the beautiful olive color that I was born with. Thank you!

G. C from Indiana, USA

This potion is a real Miracle worker!…First of all, God bless the woman who started this site and for her ebook and allowing me to cure my skin.

I have severe PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and still there was hope. My original skin tone was a shade darker than Beyonce. My complexion when my PCOS had ravaged my skin on my face and neck was a little lighter than Kelly! I stayed in the house all the time and I had NO social life. This has truly transformed my life. Now my complexion is almost perfect. The reason I say almost is because my neck was the darkest part of me and that is a half shade darker than the rest of me now, but it is fading more and more every day and in about a week it should be the same color as the rest of my skin. People say I look like I have makeup on but I don’t! Before I could never leave the house without makeup in fear of what people would say and embarrassment, now I don’t wear any at all.

I feel like I am ready for the summer for the first time in years. I still have PCOS, but because of my skin I was afraid to wear workout clothes and to go to the gym because I had to wear camouflage makeup to try to blend the blotchiness and color of my skin. I also didn’t want people to see the color difference of my arms compared to my neck and face. But now I am finally working out and now I can help myself lose the weight and get rid of the PCOS.

T Nguyen from California, USA

It’s Working!…I have used home made Potion 1 from the report.That solution has been successful so far for my hyperpigmentation. Thank you. Could you please send me the updated report?

Ann from California, USA

Really fast results!…I am a 39-year-old fair-skinned African-American woman. In the past two years or so, I have developed hyperpigmentation “spots” above my eyebrows and another spot about the size of a small thumbprint on my cheek. The spot on my cheek drives me crazy! It seems that some freckles that used to be cute all kind of became this one big spot. I try to cover it with concealer, but that is only so helpful.

10 days later…

It’s only been about 10 days since I’ve been utilizing some of the products/techniques, and I swear I already see some improvement! I am very encouraged. I mainly do “spot” treatments only where I have the hyperpigmentation spots on my cheek and above my eyebrows. My husband even said that my marks looked like they were fading a bit. I will share more updates as time passes.

A week later…

It’s been 8 days since my last update (18 days total that I’ve been on the regime), and I have seen even MORE improvement!! My marks have gone from being totally obvious to now being basically slight “shadows” of what they were. I really think that at this rate they will be totally nonexistent within the next 2 weeks or so!!

I keep excitedly showing my husband my results, and he is very impressed. He even said, “I think you can stop treating them now,” because the difference is so obvious. But I want them 100 percent gone, so I’m going to keep at it.

Thank you so much for this website ((((((((hugs))))))))

P. Singh from Japan

I have had wonderful results!…Thanks, for the updated report :) My results have been very good!

To give you a brief history of my progress:-I saw excellent results on my facial hyperpigmentation and dark circles around the eyes within three to four weeks of using Potion 1 and 2. I started around mid Feb this year. The progress kind of hit a plateau around April-May. I then changed the regime for some time as you adviced me to, and I started seeing results again.

The facial hyperpigmentation I had has now faded and what remains of it is some freckles on my cheek bones and near the eyes. The dark circles have lightened substantially. Looking fwd to continuing the regimen.

Thanks again! If you ever happen to come to Japan, I would love meeting you. Do drop me a line if you do.

SM from USA

Thank you!…I just wanted to let you know my skin is looking fabulous thanks to you and your skin lightening report. I have noticed a difference; I think others notice it too. Suffering from eczema most of my life, this is something I really can appreciate (or I hope too). I have been following it religiously for almost two weeks now and I can see the glow on my face.. Thanks for mentioning the tea strainer; I wanted to use that kind of strainer in particular, I just wanted to know if that would work as well. Have a good weekend. May God bless you.


MA from Finland

Love potion 3!…I just wanted to share my experience of potion 3.I have used it for about three weeks without any other skin lightening product. At first,my skin seemed to get darker than it used to be but I continued using it. I have now realized that my skin has lightened a great deal and I can see a real difference on the most hyperpigmented parts of my body, my legs. I am very pleased and amazed with the results:)

Thanks again and stay Blessed.

Tessa from UK

Stick with it, it works!!…Just wanted to let you know I have DEFINITELY seen a remarkable improvement in my hyperpigmentation. I had large dark areas on both sides of my face and my chin (laser hair removal treatment gone wrong!!). Someone once said to me they looked liked burn marks. I used to be so embarrassed by them, after spending hundreds of pounds on useless cosmestics I had sort of given up and decided I would have to live with the marks. Today I have a lovely even complexion (there is just a hint of darkness left on my cheeks but I am confident they will be gone soon).

I started my treatment back in March, I began to see an improvement about 2 weeks later and then much more marked improvement after a month and a half. 4 months later people keep telling me how well I look and how nice my skin is. My confidence has grown and now I love looking in the mirror where I used to hate it before. In 4 months I have achieved what I couldn’t do in 3 years and i have more money in my pockets too.

I just wanted to say a big big thank you for your kindness and selflessness in sharing your report with us.

I am not sure if you believe in God or what religion you belong to, I hope my comments don’t offend you but I just wanted to say……I am a christian and just the other day my pastor was saying to us that everyone is born with a gift, a gift that God wants us to use to bless others for some reason I immediately thought of you and how you have touched so many womens lives (just need to have a look on the boards to see how many).

Thank you for not keeping your findings to yourself, you have a big heart.

May God bless your hard work and generosity.

Dark Underarm Testimonials

A Brown from San Fransisco, USA

I do recommend this report to people with skin issues…I don’t have any before and after pictures so anyone reading it would just have to take my word for it. And I didn’t do all those potions you have listed in the report because I didn’t have time for that yet. But here is my little testimony. Thank you much, I look forward to the updates.

I think I was about 12 or thirteen when I started using depilatory hair removal creams under my arms. I didn’t know I wasn’t suppose to put deodorant on right after the removal. So basically I was burning my skin every time I did this regimen and it got darker and darker under my arms as time went by. I started getting serious hair bumps which are basically ingrown hairs, it left me insecure about how I looked with short sleeves for all of my teenage years. I started using cocoa butter sticks and exfoliating sponges to lighten it, my doctor even prescribed me 2% hydroquinone which didn’t do anything for me but inflame my skin more. Finally over a year ago I found the “Skin Lightening Report” website and thought I had nothing to lose especially because it didn’t cost much and it was refundable. So far I haven’t used what most of the report suggests but I’ve used a couple of products recomended that was easy and not too long after my skin at least was begining to look like normal underarms. It’s lightened somewhat, I have more to go but I’m just glad the skin texture has changed to where I’m not so embarrassed to lift my arms. I didn’t take any before pictures because I wasn’t planning to do a testimonial or just compare for my own sake but I’m encouraged to try more regimens this report suggests because the little I’ve done has improved my skin far more than anything I’ve tried on my own. So I can’t wait to see what the later results will be when I try the other steps. I do recommend this report to people with skin issues.

T Tran from North Carolina, USA

THANK YOU!…I also want to thank you for the Skin Lightening Report. I was always embarrassed by my skin. I hated it. I’ve been using Potion 4, and it really does do miracles. It is really lightening my underarms and softening my scars. I’m so grateful that I found you when I did! Because of you and this report, I’m slowly but surely starting to feel comfortable in my own skin.

Thank you!

Angeline from USA

Works on dark underarms!…I tried your recommended treatment for dark underarms from the skin lightening report and have noticed a BIG difference. I would like to know what to use for maintainence. Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Dark Upper Lip Testimonials

Stacy Cooper, UK

Pigmentation on upper lip. Thanking you a million times!…

I would like to thank you for the advice you have given me with regards to the pigmentation on my upper lip. The pigmentation is 95% gone after 8 weeks of using the treatments recommended in the skin lightening report. You also advised me to purchase a good moisturiser (T******) and that was amazing. I have never been so happy and comfortable in my skin. I would keep you updated on my success, but for now thank you a million.

Other Testimonials

Mrs S.M from the USA

I was browsing the web on skin lighteng articles and literature about skin and achieving a fairer skin tone. I stumbled upon another skin whitening ebook which interested me. Like an infomercial fool, I purchased the ebook to see what it had to say. (This happened about 45 minutes ago.) I read the ebook and I felt foolish for purchasing it and then I realized what a true boon The skin lightening report has been, and how informative it truly is.

Words cannot describe the “wow” factor when describing your report or what a difference it has done for my self esteem and my life. The ebook I purchased could not compare in ANY way, it was a ridiculous waste of money. He/she did not even offer than many skin treatments for the money I spent on it. I always knew your report was special but my respect for it and the message boards has increased by a thousandfold. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for creating this report, which is so dear to me and has helped me for the past 7 years! Keep up the good work; you’ve touched so many lives.

Reshma C from Great Britain

Thank you for the report…After reading it, I now consider it one of my best buys. I was very impressed with the quality of the report which showed thorough research and clear descriptions of all the potential skin lightening products and possible combinations that could be used depending on your budget and skin type. The customer service is great and not a scam, which is rare, so i highly recommend it! Once paid, you can immediately download the report and its bonus chapters without any hassle!! I think the best bit is the promptness in their replies to questions about the use of certain products on my skin.

Thank you!

FE from Mexico

The Skin Lightening Report is right to the point and easy to understand and the service is really good…I like your quick response to my questions by email and is very good that you let customers know any updated info cause it is important to know about the best products. Right now I haven’t used any cause a medical condition, but after is healed in a little while, I will start the treatment. I would feel good recommending the skin lightening report to my friends and family as these things are not easy to find in the internet!

Thank you!

Dr K M Vijayan from Bangalore, India

A REAL BOON FOR PEOPLE WITH PIGMENTATION PROBLEMS!…Uneven skin colour is a common problem for people of colour and even some caucasians. Most people try lots of products without much satisfaction. Pigment problems can be traumatic, especially for women who would ideally like to have even-toned, beautiful skin.

The author seems to have done extensive research on the subject and has come out with several effective solutions. She has explained in detail, the process of pigmentation and solutions for pigment problems. Since the author has tried out and achieved the desired results, the information contained in the report has credibility and offers great value for money.

This acurate and result oriented information to lighten skin discolouration and achieve even-toned skin is a boon to people of colour whose level of confidence will be enhanced dramatically.